Reliable Vessels By Geuzen Boats

We can build any types of boats or ships. Our experts can work on any specification you have in mind. If you don’t have a design, in particular, we also got models you can choose from. Whether you want to buy second hand, brand new, or would like us to build you a ship or a boat of your own, Geuzen Boats can deliver. You no longer have to rent from boat rental Amsterdam, when you can have your own. Geuzen Boats has everything in store for people with different kinds of budget. Geuzen Boats is not just a shipbuilding company, we also fulfil the urge of dreamers out there to follow the horizon and sail the sea.

Boat Types We Cater:

Fishing Vessels


Crew Transfer Vessels

Floating Drydocks

Patrol Vessels


Sea and River Cruiser

Pontoon and Barges

Why Rent When You Can Own?

Geuzen Boats exist for the people who would like to have a boat or ship of their own. There is no project too big or small, we will take every job seriously while having in mind that we are building a ship or boat of your dreams. We will build you the ultimate sea cruiser perfect for your family and friends. Owning the ship of your dream is like Amsterdam Heineken experience, it is a piece of you, an investment worth doing. Besides, owning a boat or a ship offers many conveniences which could give you return of investment. If you regularly renting a boat, spending thousands of dollars on rent, it’s the time that you own one. It is a smart move because if you calculate the amount of money from renting a boat or ship, it will equate to a huge amount of money, huge enough to buy your own.