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Leave Repairs and Maintenance in the Hands of the Experts

Geuzen Boats has been in the shipbuilding industry for over 20 years. If we know how to build magnificent boats and ships, we sure can maintain and repair them. Owning a boat or a ship is an investment. We also conduct restoration services for boats and ships that have seen better days. One of the benefits you can get from availing our maintenance and repairs is the price value. Geuzen Boats gives you expert maintenance and repairs with affordable prices that fit your budget.

Services include:

Conversions, hull extensions, welding, and hydraulic installation

Restoration Services

Let’s talk about the restoration of your boat or ship. We are not just transforming the look from old to brand new, but we will also restore the performance of your ship or boat up to par with the shipbuilding standards. We could restore or replace the engine, so it will run smoothly without the worry of getting stuck in the middle of the ocean. Aside from beautifying the exteriors of your boat or ship, we can also redesign the interiors with intricate carvings as beautiful as madame Tussaud sculptures. Geuzen Boats will surely transform your sea cruising machine to bring that excitement again. You’ll never find any shipbuilders as dedicated as Geuzen Boats. This is our area of expertise and we’ll make sure that we are at the top of the list.

Accurate Estimates

If you are in a tight budget and not sure whether you can afford our services, we provide accurate estimates to ensure that you won’t go over your budget. The cost of maintenance and repairs vary depending on the type of your vessel. But rest assured, you will get reasonable pricing and the best services you deserve.